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If you’ve ever had a baby, you are postnatal. It doesn’t matter whether your baby is 6 minutes or 16 years old. It doesn't mean you always have to be cautious though. Once you've rebuilt your strength and restored your body you can do anything! What it does mean though, is that it's never too late to start.


Since having my own children and talking with my other mum friends, I have come to the realisation that recovering well from childbirth is not a given. I was lucky enough to know all the right things to do due to my background as a Physiotherapist and teaching Pilates. Many of my friends were not so lucky and years down the line were struggling with back pain or weakness in the abdominals and pelvic floor leaking limiting their physical activity, amongst other issues.


This lead me into doing some more training as a pre- and postnatal recovery specialist. I run groups on social media, teach postnatal classes and have created a variety of postnatal courses to help support women to recover well and regain their confidence and strength. Something I am very passionate about is helping women to live a full and active life after childbirth.


In order to recover well and to gradually and safely rebuild your body after childbirth, it is important to do the right exercises at the right time for your body. Everybody is different and every childbirth experience affects the body differently. It can feel overwhelming to know where to begin and that is why we have developed our assessments, courses and support to help you recover well.



Our postnatal assessments can be taken either in person at our clinic in South Woodford or online, where we can talk through your pregnancy/pregnancies and childbirth(s) and assess your pelvic floor function, check for an abdominal separation and set you on the right path to recovery for you. Please note the assessment does not include an internal pelvic examination.



We run postnatal restorative classes in two venues, Woodford Green and Waltham Abbey. The classes are for the mums so although babies are welcome, they are not necessary and if your baby's are all grown up, you are also welcome! These classes will start you off rebuilding your body from the foundations restoring your strength and confidence and enabling you to return to exercising safely and effectively. Please note we can only accept pre-crawling babies at this time. See classes and courses available here


We have online courses you can access at any time to fit around the busyness of life with a little one. Whether you have just had your baby and want to do our Stage 1 Postnatal Recovery course to help gently rebuild your pelvic floor function, abdominal strength and posture, or you have a specific issue such as an abdominal separation/diastasis recti or pelvic floor dysfunction there is a course for you. Have a look at all our courses below


For women who are further along the journey, maybe years down the line, and are just starting to address physical issues resulting from childbirth, I have my signature 12-Week Whole Body Rebuild course. This is a comprehensive and holistic course addressing all the aspects of postnatal recovery. We set goals together and look at mindset, nutrition, mental health, time-management and motivation as well as the physical recovery of the body. This course is designed to help you feel STRONG and CONFIDENT in your body once more.


Explore below for more information on all that we have to offer….

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1-hour session with Esther

£65 | In Person and Online

An hour long session to fully assess your body after childbirth.  This includes a pelvic floor and core assessment checking for diastasis recti and pelvic floor activation, amongst other things. You'll receive personalised programme to rectify any issues and to help your postnatal recovery.

To book a consultation, please click here.

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Course | Online

An effective short course for postnatal recovery soon after childbirth or many years later.  Safely and effectively build awareness, strength and functional support into your pelvic floor, stopping those leaks, giving support and giving you the ability to build strength into the rest of the body.


For more information take a look here.

WBRM Image.png

Course | Online

A fully immersive coaching course that will impact your whole body. Build up the body piece by piece starting with the foundation of the pelvic floor and core abdominals, and looking at every aspect of health and fitness.  Includes 1:1 coaching sessions and support group.

This course is particularly aimed at mums of older children but is suitable for anyone from 3 months.


For more information take a look here.

Stage 1 PR Image.png

Course | Online

A 6-week course suitable for anyone 6 weeks postnatal, or anyone starting out on their recovery journey - even if your "baby" is now a child! We will restore pelvic floor function, rebuild your abdominal muscles, help to heal any diastasis recti and rebuild your posture, mobility and strength throughout the body.


For more information take a look here.

PDRC Image.png

Course | Online

This course is for anyone with a diastasis recti (abdominal separation) and/or a weak stomach area.  Starting from the foundation and building out, this course will safely and effectively guide you in rebuilding your abdominals after childbirth. Suitable from 3 months post delivery


For more information take a look here.


Course | In Person


Suitable from 6 weeks post-delivery and with pre-crawler babies, these classes will rebuild your body from the foundations. Esther will check you for any abdominal separation, ensure you are working effectively and you can meet other mums and babies too!

Classes run for 4 consecutive weeks and are booked as a block. 

For more information and to book take a look here

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