What is Pilates and is it for me?


Pilates combines aspects of yoga, gymnastics and the theory of "core" muscles being the foundation of the body. It is an exercise form designed to bring balance back to our bodies.


Often we have areas of tightness, weakness, pain and stiffness. Our balance may not be what it was and we can no longer perform movements or lift the weight we used to.


Pilates is all about making sure each muscle is performing its task correctly, working at the right time and not working when it doesn't have to.

Our movements in Pilates can seem slow and gentle, but they are very deliberate and we are retraining the body to achieve great alignment, balance, control, strength and posture.


Life has changed a lot recently in the last few years, particularly in regard to accessing exercise.


Here at EMPP our Pilates classes and courses reflect this.


So, whether you prefer to attend an online class in real time, take a class when it suits you, have a session 1:1 in person or come to a class in person - you can do all of that with us.


Click here to see all the different ways you can access our Pilates programmes from clinical level to experienced and including our varied and holistic perinatal support.

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