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Is Pilates right for me?


Pilates is all about restoring balance to the body.


Pain or injury, pregnancy and childbirth can all affect how our body moves and works. The body is clever at compensating for areas that aren't working so well or are injured, which is great in the short term, but long term we can start to become stiff or sore or struggle to do all the things we need to. 


Pilates is all about making sure each area of the body is performing its task correctly, working at the right time and not working when it doesn't have to. 

Whether you are a regular exerciser or a complete beginner, Pilates will help your body move better, feel better and perform better.

Movements in Pilates can seem slow and gentle, but they are very deliberate and precise ensuring the right muscle works in the right way at the right time. This helps prevent injury and correct weaknesses. Pilates retrains the body to achieve great alignment, balance, control, strength and posture.

You can take a class however it suits you best. Whether you'd rather come in person to a group session, take a private 1:1 session to really perfect and enhance your practice, do an online class live from the comfort of your own home or take a class as and when suits, with us you can!


I specialise in postnatal support whether it's been a few weeks or many years since your delivery and I am trained in pelvic floor dysfunction and abdominal separation as well as general postnatal recovery. I have loads of postnatal support including consultations, classes and courses which you can read more about here

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