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Pre and Postnatal Care

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Having a baby is an exciting, challenging and truly special time.


Your body will all undergo significant changes during pregnancy, and after childbirth the body takes a while to recover and needs guidance to regain strength, confidence and well-being. Sadly, we are often given very little support in recovering physically from childbirth and we can be left wondering where on earth we start.


I had had 2 babies within 21 months, and am personally aware of the hard work the body does to grow and birth a baby. I am also aware of the lack of support there is afterwards to help you rebuild your body physically and that is why I have created my programmes. Nobody should have to put up with a leaky bladder, sore back or weak core just because they have had a baby and I truly believe you can be stronger than ever with the right support, guidance and exercise.

I am passionate about working with mums and helping them transition well into motherhood feeling healthy and strong.

There is a lot on offer if you are looking for some preparation, guidance and support.  Please take a look around, and if you're not sure what would be best suited to you, get in touch via the Contact page and we would love to help.

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