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Pregnancy is an incredible time and your body is going through lots of incredible change. Whilst there is so much information out there about what you should and shouldn’t be doing to support all these changes, the most important things is that you feel strong, supported and confident in your body during this time. Your body is incredible and can adapt and recover so well from pregnancy and you can come back even stronger.

Whether it is your first pregnancy and everything is new, or you’ve been through it all before, we can guide you through each twist and turn.

Smiling Pregnant Woman


Our prenatal classes are designed to support you throughout your pregnancy by keeping you flexible, mobile, active, strong and confident. We look at the body as a whole as well as areas that are commonly affected by pregnancy. We also discuss different aspects of pregnancy, the changing body, childbirth and recovery in our classes as well as what is going on with you so that you are well looked after and supported throughout your journey.


Studies show that those who exercise throughout pregnancy generally have better experiences of pregnancy and delivery and will also recover well afterwards.


Classes are suitable for all fitness levels even if you have never exercised before.

You can buy and download our prenatal classes here

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