“In order to recover well and to gradually and to safely rebuild your body after childbirth, it is important to do the right exercises at the right time for your body. Everybody is different and every childbirth experience affects the body differently. It can feel overwhelming to know where to begin and that is why we have developed our Stage 1 Postnatal course to support you in your recovery” 

This course, is suitable for anyone 6 weeks postnatal, once cleared to exercise, or anyone starting out on their recovery journey - even if your "baby" is now a child!

The aim of the course is to help your body recover from pregnancy and childbirth no matter how long it's been. We will be looking at restoring pelvic floor function, rebuilding your abdominal muscles, helping heal any Diastasis Recti and rebuilding posture, mobility and strength throughout your body.

There will be two classes to complete each week - one live class, and one pre-recorded - a total of 12 classes for 6 weeks. There is also some bonus short classes for addressing specific issues such as back pain or Diastasis Recti and some educational bits.

All classes will be uploaded onto a course portal for you to access at a time that suits you and there is no pressure to join in the live class if the time isn't suitable. The portal will be available for 6 motnhs.

What will this course do for me?

Grey Circle

2 x 30 MINUTE

You will complete 12 classes over the course of 6 weeks making it manageable to fit around your lifestyle.

Grey Circle


Rebuild your posture, mobility and build strength into the rest of the body after pregnancy and childbirth. 

Grey Circle


Safely build strength and functional support into your pelvic floor,

stopping any leaking in the process.

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You will receive lifetime access to all the course material so that you can repeat the routines regularly - as and when needed.

Grey Circle


Starting from the deep layer of tissue and working up effectively and comfortably to restore stomach muscles and close any abdominal gap.

Grey Circle



Upon completion of the course you will receive a discount towards our very popular 12-Week Whole Body Rebuild Course for Mums which is the perfect next step.

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