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Here at Esther Marshall Physiotherapy & Pilates we are dedicated to your recovery. 


Our expert knowledge of body biomechanics, anatomy and physiology allow us to accurately diagnose your injury as well as look at the likely causes.


This can include:


  • Repeated overload or strain of a specific structure 

  • Altered biomechanics or posture

  • Lack of symmetry in strength & movement

  • Compensation for weakness in another part of the body


We can then guide your rehabilitation to ensure a full recovery and prevent symptoms from recurring.

Assessment will be thorough and look at your general posture, movement and strenght as well as specifically around the problem area. This will allow us to identify:


  • Which structures are painful/problematic

  • The grade of injury i.e. sprain, rupture

  • Referral of pain from somewhere else in the body

  • Possible contributing factors to the injury


Rehabilitation will include exercises to strengthen both the injured part of your body as well as to correct any bad habits of movement and function in your body.


Here at EMPP we believe it's important to look at the whole body in terms of posture, alignment, strength, control and good movement patterns. We often use Pilates based exercises as part of our rehabilitation programmes.

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