Physiotherapy can treat a huge range of physical pains, injuries, dysfunctions and disease alongside or instead of drug intervention and surgery. Physiotherapists are highly skilled, medically trained clinicians who use hands on treatments and exercises to manage dysfunctions in the body such as weakness, tightness, imbalance, inflammation, heightened nerve irritations and much more. Here are a few examples of common conditions that respond well to Physiotherapy. For more information, please contact us

Back pain -  Including muscle spasm, arthritis, disc prolapse
Headaches - Including migraine and tension headaches
Neck pain - Including whiplash and arthritis
Postural problems - Including scoliosis and work related pain
TMJ dysfunction 
Sports injuries - Including cartilage and ligament injury
Shoulder pain - Including frozen shoulder, impingment and                                            rotator cuff injury

Post-operative - Including joint replacement, arthroscopy,                                              ligament reconstruction and post fracture

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