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Booking in blocks of classes together or paying a regular fee for classes can help to:

  • Increase motivation to attend regularly

  • Save you money and reward you for your commitment!

  • Help you to make progress in your Pilates practice

  • Strengthen and restore your body movement more quickly

We have a few ways that you can access classes on a regular basis

Blocks of 6 - Book in 6 classes within a certain timeframe a get a class for free

Memberships - Book unlimited classes of a certain type and pay monthly

Courses - Buy a course which includes specific sessions. These can both be live and on demand.

  • Blocks of 6 

Save money on classes by purchasing a block of classes. This is a one off payment which has to be used within a set amount of time. Please note, blocks do have an expiry date and cannot be extended*. (*All blocks are automatically extended when a class is cancelled by the instructor and during school holidays)

Block of 6 EXPRESS CLASSES £30 (single class £6) 

Block of 6 ONLINE CLASSES£50 (single class £10)

Block of 6 IN PERSON CLASSES £75 (single class £15)

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  • Memberships

A membership is a rolling monthly contract that enables you to attend classes regularly and get FREE ACCESS to our On Demand library, a membership could work for you. Memberships can be cancelled at any time

EXPRESS MEMBERSHIP £35 per month for unlimited express classes plus unlimited access to the On Demand Library. 

ONLINE MEMBERSHIP £50 per month for unlimited online classes plus unlimited access to the On Demand Library.

FULL MEMBERSHIP £65 per month for unlimited online and in-person classes

ON DEMAND MEMBERSHIP £20 per month for unlimited access to the On Demand Library. 

(scroll down to purchase)

  • Pay as you go

Just pick the class you want to attend from our timetable, book in and pay online.  Easy! 

  • Courses

We run various courses throughout the year and buying a course will automatically book you into all the relevant sessions. Courses we have run un the past include Postnatal Rehab, Healthy HIIT and Diastasis Recti Restoration. You can also access all these courses on demand to do on your own timetable. See all of our On Demand courses here

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