Pre and post natal Pilates

Having a baby is an exciting, challenging and truly special time.


Having had 2 babies within 21 months, Esther is personally aware of the hard work the body does to grow and birth a baby.


"I love working with mum's. It's an incredible journey to go on and there are so many shared high's and lows. It's inspiring how capable the body is and how resilient we are but it is so tough to balance all the pressures of family life while making sure you're also looking after yourself. Many mum's are confused with what they should and shouldn't be doing during pregnancy and after childbirth to keep themselves fit and strong and I find it incredibly rewarding to guide ladies through the process. I am passionate about empowering women to cope physically, mentally and emotionally with all that having a baby entails and just love enabling women to feel strong, capable and healthy throughout. " 


Your body will all undergo significant change during pregnancy and after childbirth.

During pregnancy you:

  • change shape as your baby grows and you carry more weight out in front

  • alter your posture to accommodate the change in body shape

  • release hormones which cause softening of your ligaments and smooth muscles which can lead to joint pain, incontinence and digestive discomfort

  • can experience pain in your muscles as they are stretched and weakened

  • work harder in your heart and lungs causing breathlessness on exertion

  • put more and more pressure on your pelvic floor and abdominals


After having your baby, the body takes a while to recover and needs guidance to regain strength, confidence and well-being. Sadly, we are often given very little support in recovering physically from childbirth and we can be left wondering where on earth we start.

These classes are especially designed to help guide you and your body through the process carefully and effectively so that you can focus on taking care of your family well and feeling strong and capable.

All of the classes and courses are online, which gives you the flexibility and freedom to  exercise from home. Classes are recorded and available to view for a week afterwards. Course materials are yours to keep for life.

Here's a summary of all the pre and post natal support we offer.

  • 1:1 Sessions. These can be taken online via Zoom or in person with Esther at her consulting rooms in South Woodford E18. Get in touch to book

  • Pre and post natal Online Class - Wednesdays at 7:30pm Book here

  • 12 week full body rebuild course for mums. An online course including classes and teaching with coaching, accountability, support and 1:1 check-ins. Suitable for mum's from 6 weeks to 16 years post delivery! For more details click here