6-Week Diastasis Recti Correction Course

“During pregnancy the abdominal muscles are stretched and weakened.  Once we give birth the muscles remain stretched and weak; this can lead to issues such as - back pain, pelvic pain and abdominal separation, where the muscles don't meet in the centre and don't function properly.  In order to rebuild this whole abdominal complex it's important to start from the deep layer of tissue and work up in a manner that is safe, effective and comfortable.” 

This course, taught by Esther, is for anyone with diastasis recti, pelvic floor issues and/or a weak stomach area.  Starting from the foundation and building out, this course will safely and effectively guide you in rebuilding your abdominals after childbirth, once you have had your 6 week check.  


This course will be taught LIVE starting from Friday, 11th June at 10:45am for 6 weeks - at the same time each week.  There is the option to watch the classes back if you aren't able to do the set time.  

Once the course finishes, it will become available for purchase as a pre-recorded course.

What will this course do for me?

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6 x 30 MINUTE


You will complete 6 classes over the course of 6 weeks making it manageable to fit around your lifestyle.

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Included are educational videos to help you understand the ins and outs of diastasis recti and what you should and shouldn't be feeling.

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You will be given short exercises to do

daily (5-10 mins) to build up your strength and your body slowly.

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You will receive lifetime access to all the course material so that you can repeat the routines regularly - as and when needed.

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All the classes have been carefully put together to avoid overloading your body and cause aggravation.

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Upon completion of the course you will receive a discount towards our very popular 12-Week Whole Body Rebuild Course for Mums which is the perfect next step.

Interested?  Ready to complete the Diastasis Recti Correction Course?

To sign up please click on this link - https://esthermarshall.podia.com/diastasis-recti-correction

We are so excited to hear from you!

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